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The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2017 Edition Book)
The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2017 Edition Book)

Prophetic Ministry Course

Your Prophetic Mentor!

By far our most popular course! If you ever had doubts of your Prophetic Calling or were just plain curious, this course will not only confirm your call, but thrust you headlong into Prophetic Training! Although many have tagged this course as "hazardous to the flesh" the power it imparts to your life is worth the journey.

  • Flow in all of the gifts of the spirit.
  • Mark off your prophetic preparation and know whats next
  • Deception, warfare and intercession
  • Everything a prophet is and does.
  • How to step out in your prophetic calling.

Prophetic Ministry Course


Practical Prophetic Ministry Course Lessons:
Prophetic Ministry Lesson 1: Prophets are DIFFERENT!
Prophetic Ministry Lesson 2: Tick of the signs and confirm your Prophetic Calling.
Prophetic Ministry Lesson 3: How to Hear the Voice of God
Prophetic Ministry Lesson 4: The Power of the Gift of Tongues
Prophetic Ministry Lesson 5: Operating in all the Prophetic Gifts
Prophetic Ministry Lesson 6: Urim and Thummim and Journaling
Prophetic Ministry Lesson 7: How to judge any revelation by the Word and Spirit
Prophetic Ministry Lesson 8: Learning when to stand up or shut up!
Prophetic Ministry Lesson 9: The Face to Face relationship with Jesus
Prophetic Ministry Lesson 10: Entering the Secret Place
Prophetic Ministry Lesson 11: Passing through Preparation FAST!
Prophetic Ministry Lesson 12: Death of a Vision
Prophetic Ministry Lesson 13: Death, Resurrection and Glorification!

Course Reviews:

No one would have ever been able to convince me that a online class in
the prophetic would have such a profound impact upon me.  I am still amazed at how powerful and truly anointed the Practical Prophetic and Prophetic Foundation courses are and how they have begun to transform my life.  If you believe that God has called you to labor on His frontlines as a Prophet or even simply as a believer with a heart to serve then you absolutely must enroll in Practical Prophetic Ministry and Prophetic Foundations.  Let me warn you, YOU WILL BE CHALLENGED, however, you will be loved, uplifted, encouraged and  equipped to walk confidently to the next level that God has for you.  I don’t get excited about much, so please know that what I share with you now is from the heart.  I pray all of God’s abundant blessings upon your life as you embark upon this incredible tailor made journey He has for you.

K. Gibson, USA

If you have a prophetic call on your life, this course will  bless you  and take you  through the different steps of the prophetic  training.  As a student at  AMI Prophetic Training School,  I want to encourage you to take this course and read the Practical Prophetic Ministry book whatever the  level you have reached so far in your call. When I studied this anointed course I found out many  answers to questions and doubts I had for many years.  It also helped me fill the gaps that existed in my understanding of  what it is to be a prophet.

During this prophetic ministry journey, you will learn the phases of prophetic preparation and training that  we, as prophets of God,  are put through to birth the prophetic baby within us. Once you will identify with many of  the signs of the prophetic calling,  you will  walk on the preparation road where you will  be chiseled and you will discover what the Lord has put into you as  prophet. You will  learn to practice and develop the prophetic gifts  and  hear the Voice of God in dreams, visions, utterance,  prophecy,  urim and thummim  and journaling. You will know how to judge  prophetic revelation  and avoid falling into your own life and in other people's lives.

As the Holy Spirit will keep you growing, you will learn to flow out in faith, hope and especially love which is the key to prophetic maturity. You will discover how necessary it is to enter and spend time in the presence of the Lord in the secret place and develop a face to face relationship with Him.

You will understand how important it is to be mentored and be humble before getting to leadership. And  you will  learn  about death of a vision process where the Lord will stop the old vision you received  to give you  a new and more glorious vision.  You will discover death to the flesh , death to self phase through which the Holy Spirit will help you clean your “hard disk full of junk” and mould you into the image of Christ. Then you will be happy to learn like I did that after the deaths process will come the time of resurrection and glorification when we are going to be anointed and appointed into the office of prophet.

If you have felt a stirring in your spirit as you read this review, if you are a prophet in the making, if you have been hiding away for a long time, if you are struggling to find your place, why don’t you step forward,  take this course and allow he Holy Spirit to transform you like He did it for me . You will not be alone in this journey, our beloved lecturers will help you being equipped with both knowledge and resources and  will counsel you all along the way .

L. Frank, France

It's been a great experience and a blessing for me during this prophetic ministry course,I was able to put a lot together and get a clear and broader view, and found my true calling.I found safety in the midst of these counselors they nurture and accommodate, also embrace me just as I am and trust God with me to do something in me and through me.

Initially I was thinking that the prophetic ministry course should ran at a little faster pace,but as I took my and live what I was studying I realize that everything was on schedule,if only you take all assignments and projects serious.

I was able to go through this by the genuine love from the lecturers,their timely and seasoned word support me this far. The covering of love purity and power on the ministry connect every student to tap into it,they walk side by side with you in the mandate God has given them to make your vision come to pass

Transition has taken place in my life, and  wealth of internal fortitude has become my portion,is my prayer that most leader will come through AMI and its by Gods appointment only

S. Akuffo, USA

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Prophetic Ministry Course