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The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2017 Edition Book)
The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2017 Edition Book)

AMI Prophetic School. Training the Prophets.

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Specialist Training for the Prophet

By now you realize that it takes more than being able to prophesy to be called a prophet.

With the massive prophetic movement in the Church, it is hard to imagine that there are so many who still do not have all the tools that they need to fulfill that call.

However here you stand today. A fire in your heart and a passion to change the Church. The Lord has given you a heart to nurture on the one hand and to bring down the fire on the other.

This has got you into more trouble than many realize. How can two so opposition passions flow together simultaneously? Like a cold and hot front, the Lord has called you to find this balance and to become a hurricane in His Church. To separate the light from the dark and to set God's people free of the bondage they are in.

You are called to help people find their place, enter into a relationship with Jesus and receive the healing that they so desperately need. While you might feel ill equipped for the task right now, let me challenge you by saying - The Church needs you right now!

It is your love for God's people that has brought you to this page. It is the fact that you always seem to go against the grain that you are here. I do not doubt that you have done a lot of Online and bookstore searching for the answers.

You have looked at "this" prophetic school and "that". You have read book after book and yet... here you are. Still searching.

You are still searching, because you have not found the "something" that you are looking for. Perhaps you suspect a prophetic calling on your life, or perhaps you know. Either way, you are still looking for answers.

Your Answers to Prophetic Office are Found Here

We are pleased to let you know that your search has finally borne good fruit.

Like thousands before you, you have just stumbled onto this site and discovered a place to belong. You have found the "taste" in your mouth.

You are here because:

  • You want more than just more teaching on the prophetic
  • You hunger for more than the portion of anointing that you have
  • You are weary of feeling confused
  • You are frustrated with standing on everyone's toes
  • You want to come to peace with your call
  • The wilderness has been long and dry and you thirst for an oasis
  • You are tired of getting hurt and facing this rejection
  • The nails of the cross seem to hit you all the time and you cry out for your season of resurrection.

Does that sound like you? Well then welcome, you just found your shelter in the storm. A place to be equipped, instructed and sent out full of confidence - ready to change the Church!

Join the ranks of our graduates around the world and discover that you are anything but normal - exactly as God intended!


What Our Prophetic Training Accomplishes

Once your application has been reviewed and you have passed the interview process, you will be allocated a trainer that will work with you one on one throughout your training.

Our extensive training is a full two year curriculum that will:

1. Identify and confirm your prophetic call
2. Effectively train you to flow in all the gifts of the Spirit
3. Become proficient in dream and vision interpretation
4. Fully embrace and fulfill your purpose as a prophet in the local church
5. Take your hand through the prophetic training process
6. Specialist training in spiritual warfare (geared for the prophet in office)
7. Arm you for intercession and prophetic office decree
8. Minister in praise and worship
9. Take you through a transformation from prophetic ministry to prophetic office
10. Achieve prophetic maturity
11. Shape you into the vessel of leadership in the Church, that you are meant to be

What A.M.I. Prophetic School Students Look Like

We have four main groups of prophets that are trained through our school.

1. The first group consists of ministry leaders or those in the process of establishing their own ministry.
2. The second group consist of student whose pastors sent to us for the purpose oftraining to equip and prepare them for service in the local church.
3. The third group of students are independant ministers who are in transition, having left their local church and geared towards ministering in the Universal church
4. The fourth group consists of pastors whom the Lord has lead towards the prophetic office.

It benefits to mention that we also have students on board whose call is to begin prophetic schools of their own and wish to use our system to train others further down the line. Many independant ministers have come on board and now make up the lecturers in both our live and online schools.

Completion of AMI Prophetic School Includes:

  1. Invitation to a graduation seminar
  2. Certification
  3. Temporary Ministerial Credentials
  4. The laying on of hands by Craig and Colette Toach and their Apostolic Team
  5. Invitation to continue with us as a Prophetic Trainer or Lecturer Intern

How to Get Trained for Prophetic Office?

You need a combination of hands on prophetic mentorship and biblically sound prophetic teaching! Getting trained is as simple as enrolling with AMI Prophetic School. From the moment you do, you will be led by the hand. Along with my husband, Apostle Craig Toach and our fully trained prophetic lecturers, we are here to get you all the way to prophetic office. But do not just take my word for it, here are what just a few of our students are saying.

What Others are Saying about Us:

I joined the Prophetic School about a month ago. I have found myself getting phone calls and emails related to conversations I have had with people who were referred to me by word of mouth. They are asking me questions and seeking advice as though I would know (Even though its not me but God)... I say this to say that the anointing on these teachings are beyond description!!!  
L.R Prophetic Student

Since I have been student at AMI school I have been really blessed . Now when I meet some servants of God whatever their calling and the level they have reached in their ministry or office, I really see that they need training (AMI training !), especially "prophets". Many think they know every thing but they don't. At AMI, we are filled up with high quality "kerosene" and we are flowing into the anointing . Many believers are waiting for us to get a part of the pouring out we have received.
L.F Prophetic Student

The teachings and lectures are so powerful, so I warn you it will change your life deeply. Be encouraged and go forward Prophet of God and then you will come to a place of humility so that you might see the Lord face by face. The leaders and lecturers are powerfully anointed because they have lived every phase and preached the word in their own lives first. I am impressed and we all are put in the right place by God Almighty. So enjoy this journey because you will never be the same person as before.
P.R Prophetic Student

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