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The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2017 Edition Book)
The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2017 Edition Book)

Prophetic Dreams and Visions Course

All the Gifts of the Spirit begin with Dreams and Visions!

You can always buy a book on dreams and visions, but who is there to teach you the PRACTICAL "how to" of MINISTERING in dreams and visions?

If there is one thing I have always hated, it is folks who are full of great wisdom and advice about what you should be doing, but have no practical teaching on HOW to do it! Well when I started preparing this course on Dreams and Visions I was determined to do it as if I was the student.

Do you know what I always wanted to know about real ministry?

I wanted to know...

  • How to get a vision
  • How to pray for someone to get inner healing
  • What to do with a dream once I got the interpretation
  • How to give a prophetic word from a vision
  • How to preach prophetically from the visions I got
  • I wanted to know how to interpret for others, but using wisdom
  • How to deal with someone who was in deception
  • How to sense if a revelation was of God or not.

As you can see...I wanted to know a lot of things. If you are a prophet, you know what I am talking about! So lesson by lesson I have poured out everything you will ever need to know about dreams, visions and practical ministry. Know how to pray, when to pray and what to pray in both personal and public ministry.

I even cover some very 'sticky subjects' such as dealing with someone who is clearly in deception and also how to get them to break free. From lesson one I wanted you, my student, to be fully 'in the know' of everything related to the practicalities of prophetic ministry.

I wanted you to have an answer for any ministry situation and above all I wanted you to fulfill your mandate as a prophet. So I jumped in and taught subjects such as inner healing and public prophecy, because I know this is what you will need as you step out.

By far this is a course that every prophet needs to begin with. Interpret dreams and visions, but do not just leave it there. Go further! Do MORE! Learn to take those interpretations and then apply them. THAT is what sets one prophet apart from the other.

The prophets in this school are not flaky or cast aways. Well at least not anymore! Our students are sought after by others for their wisdom and anointing. Once they start their training, some get so many people coming to them for help that I have to put pressure on them to keep up with their studies!

Sure the prophet faces rejection as part of their calling, but it does not mean you stay that way. No, you are called to stand as an example in the church. If you are weary of always falling short and not reaching that mountain top, then perhaps you need a change in your direction.

The Costs for this Course?

Our registration fee is $50.


  • Access to the Student's Forums
  • Access to enroll in any course you like
  • Access to purchase any of the Course Kits at extremely reduced rates on www.ami-bookshop.com

The Dreams and Visions Course $145


  • 13 Full Personal Video lectures
  • Practical Projects for each lesson
  • Study as fast as you want

The Dreams and Visions Course Kit $125, available at AMI Bookshop


1. The Student Manual

Required Report Submission

These are questions that you should complete and submit to your trainer or lecturer. They are taken directly from the lectures given by Apostle Colette Toach in the schoolroom classes.

Practical Projects

Each practical project makes you LIVE the lessons. They are also a fantastic to use in group sessions. If you are in charge of a group of intercessors or mentoring others, this will give you plenty of material to use.

Multiple Choice Projects

It is important to retain the knowledge that you take in. These questions will do just that for you!

Study Aids and Teaching

Here Apostle Colette will tell you all the secrets and the realities of your call that you will not find anywhere else. They will be the 'short cuts' that will help you move onto prophetic office without the devastating experiences of failure time and again.

2. Video CD

A unique media style that combines the videos from the original Way of Dreams and Visions that was preached by Apostle Colette Toach coupled with the actual text of the messages. You can read, watch or combine the two. An incredible study tool!

3. Way of Dreams and Visions MP3 CD

By: Apostle Colette Toach

Listen to the original teachings in your car or put it onto your iPod. The perfect resource for the student on the go.

4. Way of Dreams and Visions Lecture MP3 CD

By: Apostle Colette Toach

Included are the audios (taken from the videos in the Prophetic Training School) for all the lectures preached on this subject by Apostle Colette Toach. We understand that not all students can watch online, so this resource is perfect for you. Put the MP3's on your iPod and do your lessons on your way to work or during lunch break.

I invite you to join me and the rest of my students as part of this dynamic prophetic group. We are on fire for the Lord, we do not take any nonsense from the enemy and we are equipped to handle any spiritual need.

We have a place just for you. Signing up is easy, but to follow through costs a price.

Please only follow the link for our enrollment form under the following conditions:

1. You are prepared to follow through and put in the effort.

2. You have a prophetic calling

3. You are prepared to pay the registration and course fees.

Ready to join us?

Enroll as a student here: http://www.prophetic-training-school.com/student_application.php

prophetic dreams and visions course


Dreams and Visions Course Lessons:
Prophetic Dreams & Visions Lesson 1: Dream Interpretation Categories
Prophetic Dreams & Visions Lesson 2: Prophetic Dreams
Prophetic Dreams & Visions Lesson 3: Application of Dream Interpretation
Prophetic Dreams & Visions Lesson 4: Learning to flow in the Gifts of the Spirit
Prophetic Dreams & Visions Lesson 5: The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in Visions
Prophetic Dreams & Visions Lesson 6: Flowing in Visions in Ministry in Personal Ministry
Prophetic Dreams & Visions Lesson 7: Flowing in Visions Publicly
Prophetic Dreams & Visions Lesson 8: Identifying Deception
Prophetic Dreams & Visions Lesson 9: How to address and handle deception
Prophetic Dreams & Visions Lesson 10: Interpreting Symbols in Dreams
Prophetic Dreams & Visions Lesson 11: Interpreting Symbols in Visions
Prophetic Dreams & Visions Lesson 12: Interpreting For others effectively

Enroll as a student and do the Prophetic Dreams and Visions Course

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