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The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2017 Edition Book)
The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2017 Edition Book)

10 Things That Confirm Your Prophetic Call

Apostle Colette Toach

Have you been wanting to know if God's called you to be a prophet? Here are ten sure fire signs to help you find out!

1. Ministry to the church

As a prophet you will find yourself drawn to ministering to believers and very often to those that have backslidden. If you end up “speaking to someone on the street” the chances are they knew the Lord and wandered away. God has called you to teach His Church to know Him. (Ephesians 4:12)

2. Unique Approach

From the beginning you always did things differently! As much as Jeremiah rocked the boat in the Old Testament and Agabus tied Paul’s hands with his belt - you have always tended to do and be something and others did not expect. This has likely brought about some rejection, however there is a silver lining in this cloud - it means that people will never forget you!

3. Swinging the pendulum 

Prophets are notorious for swinging wildly from one extreme to the next. Much like their Elijah counterpart they are head strong on “taking down the prophets of Baal” one day and wailing and wanting to give it all up the next. 

The Lord is gracious though and does not leave the prophet to his little pity party. Just like He came to Elijah with a still small voice in his time of frustration, so the Lord is always there to pull you out of those times.

4. Humiliation

Put this one at the top! Because of your unique approach, you have likely hit a wall or two in your time. Some things worked out and some others definitely did not! Jesus Himself was stripped and laid bare on the cross, humiliated before everyone and you too, as part of your humbling process have gone through the same experience many times.

Although it is not fun, this particular point keeps you humble and reminds you that the gifts of the spirit, the prophetic calling on your life and everything you are is under the hand of God - it is not your own great idea!

5. Singleness of purpose - Black and White!

There is no compromise with a prophet. You are saved or you are not. You are anointed or you are not. You are chosen or you are not. There is no shade of grey - just black and white. Hot or cold is acceptable, but lukewarm is not!

Just like all the prophets in the new and Old and New Testament, there was no compromise in their message. Some in the Church may call you confrontational or “too focused” on one thing all the time. We call it seeing things in “black and white” and having a singleness of purpose!

6. Unconscious revelation

Because God uses the prophet to introduce Him to His people, revelation is like breathing to a prophet. In fact you would have flowed in the gifts of the spirit without realizing it. From simply sensing if something was right or wrong to flowing in dreams and visions, like the child Samuel, the Lord calls the prophet out from the beginning to see things from His perspective in the spirit.

7. Allegorical Thinking

Prophets love pictures! They think allegorically and from childhood they are the ones in their little worlds. This is because the realm of the spirit is one full of rich types and shadows. It is the language of the spirit.

As a result even from childhood a prophet will be geared to see things allegorically and in the spirit. They see the deeper meanings and the pictures that others do not. They love parables just like Jesus did and cannot come to the Lord and cannot even minister without using allegories and the pictures that God shows them.

8. Prayer Orientation

Prayer is like breathing to a prophet. Whether in travail like Daniel for the lives of God’s people or like Micah who presented the cause of the people to God. Either way, prophets love to pray and seek God on behalf of themselves and others.

Looking for someone in prophetic ministry? Look no further than the intercessory team! Right there you will find prophets in the making, shaping their very call with the hand of prayer.

9. Bringing God’s Presence Through Music

If asked what should change the most in services, the prophets would be the first to say, “TAKE OUT THE CHAIRS SO WE CAN DANCE!” Like David who worshipped God with all his being, prophets love music!

Not only do they make the most anointed worship leaders, but they have an anointing from God to release His presence in praise and worship. That includes dance, sing or simply worshipping God with all their might. This does not mean having talent… this means having the anointing!

10. Tough Experiences in Life

The enemy sees a prophet coming from a mile! From the moment one is born he puts a target on their backs. God is so gracious though and just like He snatched Jesus from the clutches or Herod, he reaches in to save that prophet time and again.

There are times the prophet feels much like John the Baptist, stuck in the wilderness and misunderstood, but the time does come to be “shown to the world.” These tough experiences in life do not get the prophet down, but shape him for the call on their lives.

Are You a Prophet?

You are not alone. The journey is tough, but you really can move on to resurrection from here. Learn to walk out your calling and become equipped to pour out to others as well! Not only have I been training the prophets since 1999, but here at AMI we also give them a place to belong.

Fulfill your calling! Throw aside the pendulum swinging and come to hear the gentle voice of God. Come to experience His power and to receive the confirmation you need. All of us here know that the walk is not easy. However all of us here have risen up and are reaching believers all over the world... you can too!

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