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FINANCES. What We Believe

The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2017 Edition Book)
The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2017 Edition Book)

Statement of Belief of Apostolic Movement International

Apostolic Movement International


1. We believe that the Holy Bible in its present canon form, excluding the Apocrypha and other writings, is the inspired Word of God and is the standard for all teaching and understanding of the spiritual life. It is the foundation on which all our teachings are based.

2. We believe that the Holy Spirit continues to speak to His people and give revelations that are relevant for where we are right now and where we are headed in the future.

These revelations cannot and will not ever supersede the Scriptures, but they do bring clarity and confirm what the Lord has already told us through the Word. An example of this is the apostolic move and the revelation of the Fivefold Ministry in the church.

3. We believe that the Lord is raising up leaders, both men and women, with a profound revelation of what He wants His End Times Church to look like. Together a new pattern is being both established and implemented by those who have been called of God to do so. Our part is to train the Fivefold Ministry, but this is by no means the full pattern as we believe that the Lord is raising up many in apostolic office to whom He is giving a clear revelation of both their place and function in the End Times Church.

4. We believe that as a result of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden that all men are born in a spiritual condition that prevents them from entering into the blessings of God and makes them subject to the power of sin that is resident in them.

5. We believe that God made covenants with men, from the time of the Fall, leading finally to the New Covenant in which all men are gathered together in one Body, in Christ.

Although in the Old Covenant God had chosen for Himself a people in the nation of Israel, God is in these last days working through a body made up of both Jews and Gentiles, who are one in Christ.

No man holds any favor with God through natural birth, heritage, culture or race. Outside of Christ all men are lost, but In Christ all are redeemed and are considered the people of God.

6. We believe that man is redeemed from the effects of sin by grace alone through faith in the finished work of Calvary. The work was completed on the Cross when Jesus shed His blood for the sins of mankind and cried out, "It is Finished."

7. We believe in the experience of the New Birth in which a person is regenerated by the Spirit of God after professing faith in Jesus and receiving Him as their personal savior.

8. We believe that a born again believer should seek to walk in the Spirit and overcome sin, living a life that is pleasing to the Lord.

Salvation is through Christ alone and cannot be bought or "won" through personal righteousness outside of Christ. We obey the commandments of God because we love him and not to gain the merit of salvation.

9. We believe in the anointing of the Holy Spirit is available to every believer, empowering them to carry out their God-given calling as members of the Body of Christ.

We believe that the Holy Spirit takes up residence in every born again believer from the moment they receive Jesus as their Savior, are born again and become spiritual members of the invisible Body of Christ, which is the True Church of the Living God.

Although every believer is renewed by the Holy Spirit and has Him dwelling within, we believe that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is required to function in the gifts of the Spirit.

10. We believe that the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a once only event in which a believer enters into a relationship with the Holy Spirit that provides a gateway to the gifts of the Spirit.

Although the most obvious sign of this event is speaking in tongues, we do not believe that this is the only sign of being baptized by the Spirit. We believe that all of the gifts of the Spirit are manifest and while some might speak in tongues (which is certainly the most common) there are others who will manifest other gifts of the Spirit and speak in tongues later.

We also believe that you are born again when you are renewed in your spirit when you give your life to Christ. We do not believe that salvation is determined only by the manifestation of speaking in tongues.

11. We believe that the nine gifts of the Spirit as listed in 1 Corinthians 12 are available today to every born again believer and were never removed or made obsolete.

12. We believe that all believers are given specific ministries in the Body of Christ, just as different bodily members have different functions. The list of ministries given in Romans 12 are some of the more common ministry functions of members of the Body of Christ.

13. We believe that the Church of Jesus Christ is identified, not by its name or its buildings, but by its members

Jesus said that where two or three believers have been gathered together in His Name, He would be in their midst. Thus a local church is identified as a building or an organization, but a group of true believers gathering together in Jesus' Name for the purpose of fellowship, worship and ministry.

14. We believe in the full functioning of the Fivefold Ministry offices of Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, Pastor and Evangelist.

15. We believe that God calls both men and women to the Fivefold Ministry Offices, including the apostle.

While we do believe that the Lord calls women to every office of the fivefold, our personal convictions as a ministry is to appoint women that are either married or under the covering of a spiritual father (if single.)

We hold the sanctity of marriage very highly and do not appoint ministers to a position in Apostolic Movement International whose spouses are not in agreement.

16. We believe that God is raising up spiritual parents in this day and age to lay a foundation in the hearts of God's people. We believe that there are those called in the church who are meant to re-parent and raise up God's mighty warriors. These are called to take individuals through healing and teaching in both natural and spiritual matters to enable them to do good works of every kind.

17. We believe that spiritual parents are called from all ministry offices and ministry visions, but there are those who are also apostles and these will not only raise up mighty warriors, but also impart to them the ministry vision and blueprint for the Church as in the example of Moses and Joshua and Paul and Timothy.

18. We believe that every believer and minister receives authority in the Church that is delegated downwards - Jesus Christ being the true head of the Church

19. We believe that God is raising up a Church in these End Times that will not be like the Laodicean Church. The End Times Church will be magnificent, glorious and victorious - Bride without spot and wrinkle.

20. We believe that Jesus is returning soon to receive His Bride to Himself. The day and hour of His coming is not known to any man, but He will come as taught in the New Testament, to receive the Church as His Bride

21. We believe that every born again believer who is in Christ is part of the bride of Christ and will be part of the Church that Jesus comes to receive unto Himself.

22. We believe that God has revealed Himself to mankind as a Father, a Son and a Counselor, known as the Holy Spirit.

We embrace the true doctrine of the Trinity as presented in early church creeds.

However we accept the interpretations of the Godhead as expressed by both Trinitarians and those who embrace what is known as the Oneness of the Godhead. Both portray Jesus as fully God, which is essential to our salvation. Any doctrine that makes Jesus less than fully God is to be rejected as heresy.

Such extremes are to be seen in Seballianism and Arianism, which make God only one or only three, and in both cases make Jesus less than fully God.

There are two main religious groups which embrace these heresies. The Jehovah's Witnesses maintain that there is only one God, and that Jesus was only a god. The Mormons on the other hand portray Father, Son and Holy Spirit to be totally separate entities, and thus once again make Jesus just another God, not Almighty God.

23. We believe that the Covenant name of God in the New Testament is LORD JESUS CHRIST which embraces Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

It is the name above all other names, and the only Name in which we can be saved, in which we stand, by which we approach God and partake of His blessings.

24. We do not believe that we can only call on the Lord using His Hebrew names or that it is required to leave the initials out of His name to approach the throne of grace. Neither does calling Him by those names give us any greater favor in His eyes.

Jesus is the translation of the Hebrew name Joshua and means Yahweh Saves. His name is the full embodiment of the Seven Covenant Names of God given in the Old Testament, known as the Jehoval Titles of God.

25. We believe that every born again believer will spend eternity in the presence of the Lord.

A time of judgment will come, not to determine where we will spend eternity, but to determine our rewards and spiritual status in his Heavenly Kingdom.

We believe that the Scriptures do not teach of a heaven on some far away planet, but that we will spend eternity in His presence upon the new earth, in the New Jerusalem.

However of greater importance than our future condition is the life in which we now live.

26.We believe that we should make the most of our short time on this earth to do as the famous old creed says, "Love the Lord and enjoy Him forever."

Our mandate is to train and equip the Body of Christ to get ready for the coming of their heavenly Bridegroom. To make her without spot or wrinkle, a glorious Church, a bride that the Lord Jesus will receive with joy.

27. We believe that tithing is an Old Covenant act instituted by Jacob and that in the New Covenant we are known as the children of Abraham. Giving into the work of God should be done through love and when you invest with the right spirit, you partake of the blessing also.

We believe that all giving should be done in faith, hope and love. We do not condemn those that tithe, but we do not demand tithes or preach on the practice of tithing in our ministry either. Our focus is on the heart with which you give. To give out of fear and obligation steals the blessing that God intended you to have. Giving out of fear will not reap any good fruit.

Faith, hope and love are the currency of heaven and whether your tithe, give what you have, in time, money and actions as long as it is done in the right spirit, you will surely reap your reward. For where your treasure is, there is your heart also.


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