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1 Corinthians 3:19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God.For it is written, He takes the wise in their own craftiness. (AMIV)
If you need a fresh idea right now, that God has it for you! Go to Him now and ask. He will not leave you disappointed.

The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2013 Edition)
The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2013 Edition)

AMI Prophetic School. Training the Prophets.

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Is THIS what being a Prophet is about?!?

I was only 22 when I was released into prophetic training.

Back then, there was no such thing as a prophetic school or much teaching on the prophet at all. All I had to face the storms was my husband, children and my parents, Apostles Les and Daphne Crause.

Then it happened. I hit the wall.

What seemed like a good idea at first turned into an absolute nightmare.


My world turned upside down. Our country faced a dramatic recession and Craig lost his job. With no where else to turn we had to move in with Craig's parents. At that time my own parents Les and Daphne had left for Mexico. So there we sat. Alone, frustrated and very very broke.

Back then the internet was still very young, but we did manage to at least set up an e-mail account. The e-mails received from Les were like a lifeline for us both. Oh...did I not mention that both Craig and I were released into prophetic training AT THE SAME TIME? (You you thought YOU had it tough)

Imagine this scenario if you will...

A toddler; a newborn that screamed 24/7; both of us in prophetic training; living with in-laws. Could it get worse? Need I ask?! Unable to get a job, we were stuck. I was faced with a mother in law that was a bit too much like me and we hit heads almost daily.

What was God THINKING?!

Well if you have a prophetic calling I am sure you have asked that many times yourself. It felt to me like I was in a storm in the middle of the ocean, in a rowing boat with no oars to get home. Tossed by the winds, I finally did what I should have done in the first place. I gave up trying. I stopped fighting. I even let my poor mother in-law win a fight or two.

It was then that something miraculous happened.

Everything became really quiet inside. Sure the storm still raged, but a peace came over me. For the first time in my life I reached out to Jesus and found His hand waiting outstretched. I discovered that prophetic training was not about how righteous I was. It was about coming to know Jesus. Training for this prophetic call was letting go of "me" and holding tightly onto Him.

Prophetic Training to Office

When I had learned the lessons and died to my strengths and my striving, the way suddenly opened up. Within weeks we were on a plane to join Apostles Les and Daphne in Mexico. Within a short time of arriving Craig and I were both placed in Prophetic Office.

However I will never forget that time - every prophet who has ever faced this kind of training will identify. Even when I talk about it now, I remember the situations that were nails to my stubborn flesh. I also remember the victory and what it felt to wake up out of a deep sleep and come to life spiritually.

This is what I have to impart to you prophet of God.

I understand the loneliness and the struggles. I know how hard the isolation and training is. I also know that no one else understands you or cares enough to help. Here at this Prophetic School I am here to throw you the same lifeline I received.

Since I was trained, Apostle Les put all of his teachings into a series entitled The Way of the Prophet. This series and additional teachings on Prophetic Intercession and Dreams and Visions, make up the text books for this prophetic training mechanism.

What we have here is not just a prophetic school, but a tool that will literally shape you into the Prophet God has called you to be. I have personally been training Prophets and Apostles since 1998 and I stand ready to impart to you everything I have.

Here I am...Personally Available to You

Every single lesson given in the Prophetic School is done via video. The Lord led me so specifically for each lesson that it will feel like I am sitting right in front of you, imparting all I have. Not only do I teach you, but I also impart, prophecy and decree through each video. This is more than teaching...this is live training and what you need to become a prophet.

How to Get Trained for Prophetic Office?

You need a combination of hands on prophetic mentorship and biblically sound prophetic teaching! Getting trained is as simple as enrolling with AMI Prophetic School. From the moment you do, you will be led by the hand. Along with my husband, Apostle Craig Toach, the Apostolic Parents of AMI (Apostles Les and Daphne Crause) and our fully trained prophetic lecturers, we are here to get you all the way to prophetic office. But do not just take my word for it, here are what just a few of our students are saying.

What Others are Saying about Us:

I joined the Prophetic School about a month ago. I have found myself getting phone calls and emails related to conversations I have had with people who were referred to me by word of mouth. They are asking me questions and seeking advice as though I would know (Even though its not me but God)... I say this to say that the anointing on these teachings are beyond description!!!  
L.R Prophetic Student

Since I have been student at AMI school I have been really blessed . Now when I meet some servants of God whatever their calling and the level they have reached in their ministry or office, I really see that they need training (AMI training !), especially "prophets". Many think they know every thing but they don't. At AMI, we are filled up with high quality "kerosene" and we are flowing into the anointing . Many believers are waiting for us to get a part of the pouring out we have received.
L.F Prophetic Student

The teachings and lectures are so powerful, so I warn you it will change your life deeply. Be encouraged and go forward Prophet of God and then you will come to a place of humility so that you might see the Lord face by face. The leaders and lecturers are powerfully anointed because they have lived every phase and preached the word in their own lives first. I am impressed and we all are put in the right place by God Almighty. So enjoy this journey because you will never be the same person as before.
P.R Prophetic Student

What this Prophetic School Offers You

The moment you enroll in a course in the Prophetic School, these are the things that will become instantly available to you:

  • Everything you need to know about being a prophet.
  • Everything you need to do, to become a prophet
  • All video lessons for every course.
  • One prophetic project per lesson that is submitted to us, so we can keep track of your progress
  • A personal lecturer, one of the AMI Team who has risen up to Prophetic Office, will be allocated to you personally to be there for you throughout your training with us
  • Personal contact with all of the AMI Leadership on the Students Questions forum
  • Fellowship with all other like-minded prophets in the Prophetic Fellowship Lounge
  • Many other free lectures and student benefits available on our Training Lecture Site

How the Prophetic School System Works (Costs)

  • A one time registration fee of $50 is required of all Prophetic School students
  • You pay for your courses up front and study as fast as you like.
  • Each course has a corresponding Study Kit which you will need to purchase
  • All study kits are given at almost cost prices. Registered students in our schools can get as many kits as they like, regardless of the courses they are taking.
  • Once you are enrolled, view your lessons for clear instructions and follow through.
  • Certificates and credentials are available to those that qualify.

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